Save time organising your weekly outfits

Do you remember those old days at school when you didn't have to think what you would wear the following day because you already knew?

I'm talking of those ugly school uniforms...yes, they were soooo ugly but sooooo practical!
I've been trying a new system I saw on pinterest from a mother who organises her children outfits every week (I don't remember your name but...thank you so much!). The moment I saw it I realised that organising my outfits once a week would save me a lot of time everyday not only in thinking but also in preparing my clothes for the next day.
I have five hooks I only use for this purpose; in each I hang everything (underwear, tights, shirt, skirt or jeans...whatever I'll wear the following day, except accessories.). I put them together in order (Monday, Tuesday...) although sometimes I don't follow it, but what really helps is that it's already prepared and you don't have to worry about it.
I've been doing it for a couple of months and, I promise, it works! I hope it'll be useful for you.

Recycle an old fabric into a short jacket

Have you ever bought a piece of fabric with the idea of making a great something?

Did you put it in your crafts shelf? Did you forget it? I did...and I found it last summer when I was decluttering my sewing closet. So I decided I couldn't leave it there and, as you already know, we're on our total financial makeover and I won't buy anything until Christmas, but I want new clothes so desperately...

This is what I've done with 1 metre (39 inches -I think -is the equivalence)of fabric: a supereasy short jacket. I made some mistakes (It's my second jacket...the first one...better not showing it) but with a scarf around it, no one can see them.

I took the instrucions from a Burda Magazine but I think that any other publication may include jackets like this.

Conclusion: you can be pretty ( or at least, try...) and save money on clothes using old fabrics.

Recycicle an old skirt into a door protector

I spoiled one of my favourite skirts a month ago.

That stain inside the circle is the "iron mark"

...And, although I felt really bad after burning my pretty skirt with the iron ( never put a heat source on delicate fabrics...that's what my mum always says), I immediately thought its colour was perfect for a door protector as it matches with the wood floor.
I live in a ground floor flat and, therefore, it's a cold house, which is good in the summer but awful in winter...I think these protectors will help keep it warmer.
It takes only three easy steps:
  1. Measure the the length of your door and add 2 cm (if it's longer than the door, it'll cover its sides completely). Decide how high you want it (personally, I don't like a huge stuff at my door but I've seen quite big ones and they look beautiful, it all depends on your creativity and the size of your door...of course): measure, draw the rectangle or mark it with a chalk or pins, and cut the fabric.
  2. Sew the rectangle, except one side.
  3. Fill it with pillow filler or any other kind of filler and sew the side we left open before.

Recycling an old sweater into boot socks

Ver "DIY Tutorial: Boot Socks" en YouTube

I watched it a couple of days ago and I thought it was a really good idea.  I've always wanted to have some different beautiful pairs of socks for my boots, but being on my total money makeover I can't afford them...and I don't have time to knit them (which doesn't mean I won't do it in the near future; actually, I'm going to do it when I finish my door protectors...)

Anyway, why should I spend money on something I can do at home with a pair of scissors?

I hope you like it too!

Recycling old clothes

What to do with an old sweater and an old fashioned dress?

I haven´t gone shopping in three months...I can't believe it! economical crisis is changing all my family's life up to a point I wouldn't have imagined two years ago; however, all efforts are worthy and we both know we're walking along the right path: spending the least possible for the sake of a better future.

However, I can't live without new clothes (I get bored easily...) so I've decided I'll recycle as many clothes as possible... This is my first attempt: an old sweater and dress. I's not the prettiest dress (actually,I think next time I'll try with brighter colours), but it's a good idea to turn something old into a new item.

And this is the final result. With the right accessories and a beautiful coat I'll feel as if I use it for the first time.

Have you ever done something like this? If so, why don't you post a picture and share your ideas? I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!

Why homemade jam?

Firstly, because you save money.

Secondly, because you  save more money (again?) as you use that fruit nobody eats and you always buy promising yourself you'll take it this time, you'll make juice for the kids, a delicious pie...

Thirdly, because it's a natural product; you'll be sure of eating at least one thing without industrial additives.

Besides, because you decide if you want to eat tons of sugar or sweetener or nor;  I didn't do it and, trust me, they're delicious...and with less calories!

Finally, because it doesn't take too much time, especially if you have a kind machine like thermomix, which cooks it by itself. If you don't have it you only have to stir it from time to time.