Recycle an old fabric into a short jacket

Have you ever bought a piece of fabric with the idea of making a great something?

Did you put it in your crafts shelf? Did you forget it? I did...and I found it last summer when I was decluttering my sewing closet. So I decided I couldn't leave it there and, as you already know, we're on our total financial makeover and I won't buy anything until Christmas, but I want new clothes so desperately...

This is what I've done with 1 metre (39 inches -I think -is the equivalence)of fabric: a supereasy short jacket. I made some mistakes (It's my second jacket...the first one...better not showing it) but with a scarf around it, no one can see them.

I took the instrucions from a Burda Magazine but I think that any other publication may include jackets like this.

Conclusion: you can be pretty ( or at least, try...) and save money on clothes using old fabrics.

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