Recycicle an old skirt into a door protector

I spoiled one of my favourite skirts a month ago.

That stain inside the circle is the "iron mark"

...And, although I felt really bad after burning my pretty skirt with the iron ( never put a heat source on delicate fabrics...that's what my mum always says), I immediately thought its colour was perfect for a door protector as it matches with the wood floor.
I live in a ground floor flat and, therefore, it's a cold house, which is good in the summer but awful in winter...I think these protectors will help keep it warmer.
It takes only three easy steps:
  1. Measure the the length of your door and add 2 cm (if it's longer than the door, it'll cover its sides completely). Decide how high you want it (personally, I don't like a huge stuff at my door but I've seen quite big ones and they look beautiful, it all depends on your creativity and the size of your door...of course): measure, draw the rectangle or mark it with a chalk or pins, and cut the fabric.
  2. Sew the rectangle, except one side.
  3. Fill it with pillow filler or any other kind of filler and sew the side we left open before.

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