Save time organising your weekly outfits

Do you remember those old days at school when you didn't have to think what you would wear the following day because you already knew?

I'm talking of those ugly school uniforms...yes, they were soooo ugly but sooooo practical!
I've been trying a new system I saw on pinterest from a mother who organises her children outfits every week (I don't remember your name but...thank you so much!). The moment I saw it I realised that organising my outfits once a week would save me a lot of time everyday not only in thinking but also in preparing my clothes for the next day.
I have five hooks I only use for this purpose; in each I hang everything (underwear, tights, shirt, skirt or jeans...whatever I'll wear the following day, except accessories.). I put them together in order (Monday, Tuesday...) although sometimes I don't follow it, but what really helps is that it's already prepared and you don't have to worry about it.
I've been doing it for a couple of months and, I promise, it works! I hope it'll be useful for you.

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