1 Simple Trick that will Ease your Mornings

Every day I come into my class and all eyes are on me; I wish those teenagers would look at the blackboard or their books, but no...I know they're checking on my clothes! They have an account of all my outfits, they know when I repeat them, if I wear skirts on Mondays and jeans on Tuesdays, every time I put on something new, they know it and talk about it...and this happens everyday, six times a day, five days a week.; I remember that during my first years of teaching I wore a lab coat; I really looked odd, but I was young and that made me feel better. Although I must admit that I've got used to it, I know that I have to be careful with my clothes, and there are things I can't wear on a school day, or match together.
The thing is that I've always prepared my clothes the night before and it took me a while (well, not every day, but almost every day....); I sat in front of the wardrobe thinking how to match this sweater with that skirt and that necklace...it was a waste of energy! When my first son came home, I was so exhausted that I couldn't even think about clothes; besides, my son slept in our bedroom, so if I didn't  choose clothes before I put him to sleep I couldn't do it till morning, which was a complete mess. So I thought picking my outfits once a week would save so much time...and it really did!
I realised that my evenings were smoother, I mean, I could do other things like reading a story to my kids or playing with them without feeling guilty for not having things prepared for the next day.
As I do it every Friday (that's when I do the ironing) I've got plenty of time to think of new outfits, or just put together the things I know that fit me. I keep them in my wardrobe and every morning I only have to grab the hanger and get dressed.
As you can see in the picture, I take the whole outfit, except for the underwear and complements, which I choose the night before (I'm a bit special about complements ... often my choice depends on how I feel, and change them at the last minute).
So I hope you give it a try and you'll see how much time you save every day. If you do so, let me know! or maybe you have another trick you'd like to share with us...! leave all your comments below. See you!

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