3 Habits that will Make your Day

I've always believed that there's no need to do the cleaning every single day as our mothers did. If you have a full time job and no housekeeper, you may struggle to keep things in order; you surely get home really tired and the last thing you think of is "house chores"; Indeed, I feel I'd waste my last few drops of energy if I started to do the dusting, wash floors, clean windows...  After school and until my little men go to bed, I devote my time to my family.
Reading lots of blogs on house organization and trying different methods have led me to the conclusion that if I want to live longer and be happier I must let go of perfection, which was quite hard  at the beginning. I'm not a superwoman (though I'd love to... ) and I can't do everything, so planning on doing everything will only lead me to frustration and stress. Just choosing only four or five important tasks ( I mean, those that really make a difference) and do them everyday is enough. I've also realised that what makes my home look clean isn't just cleaning but decluttering; so whenever I don't have time for both I always declutter first.
I know that at the beginning of the day time runs so fast ( getting dressed, make up, the kids, breakfast, blablabla...) that it seems impossible to do anything extra! However, the following chores take just a few minutes (no more than 15 minutes, I promise!) and they will change your life. Indeed, doing them will make you feel calmer and relieved from stress; otherwise, you'll have to do them when you get home..
Put the dishes away. I can't stand a messy kitchen. I spend a lot of time there and seeing food or dishes (either clean or dirty) on the counters just gets on my nerves.
put dishes away
Make beds. I always make the beds in the morning. This is one of the things about house organization that makes me feel really good.

messy bedroom

Fast decluttering. The last thing I do before leaving home is making sure things are in order; as I already decluttered the night before, there aren't many things to tidy up (maybe, some clothes in the bathroom and a couple of toys in the bedroom).
So as you see, these are very simple tasks anyone can do. They work for me, and I hope they might be useful for you.
What do you do in the mornings? What are your morning chores? Feel free to share your ideas and leave your comments.

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