How to Stay Organised on Sundays

stay organised

Stay organised... on Sundays??? I've always thought Sunday is that wonderful day to do nothing but sleep and go out with friends; that has often led me to awful Mondays when I wake up stressed out because I can't find my clothes, my kids' backpack, the house is a mess and I have to spend more time cleaning.
When you have kids, you have to plan a lot and prepare for the unexpected. Every Monday, they need their school clothes and their breakfast ready. On the other hand, if you work, like me, you can't grab the first pair of jeans in your wardrobe, you must dress properly (well, I suppose it depends on your job). Last minute surprises are the worst thing on Sunday evening when you're tired and you realised you haven't washed your kids' sport clothes.
We often go out on Sundays, as we like going to our parent's to have lunch and have a walk with friends in the afternoons; however, knowing everything at home was a mess and thinking of all I had to do when I got home didn't let me enjoy those moments. that's why I decided to start a quick morning routine on Sundays to help me stay organised.
# 1 Fast vacuum: if you've read my post you know I'm a big fan of vacuuming. If your house is not big, like mine, you can do it in ten minutes, and this simple chore will make your house look clean.
stay organised. vacuum
# 2 Declutter: if it's part of your morning or night chores, it won't take much time. decluttering is also the best way to fake a clean house when you don't have time to clean.
stay organised.Declutter
# 3 Prepare tomorrow's clothes: This might seem a silly thing to do on a Sunday morning, but having everybody's clothes ready in the morning will release you from 'Sunday evening stress'; I mean, that overwhelming feeling that flourishes when you get home after a great day with friends or family and you think of all the things you have to do because tomorrow is Monday.
I do the laundry on Tuesdays and on Fridays (if you want to see how I organise my daily chores, you can have a look at my post so, at least, my kids' clothes will be dry and ready by Sunday. I organise my clothes by outfits, so I only have to take the hanger.
stay organised. Prepare kids' clothes
I hope these ideas will be useful and help you stay organised. I know you all have different cleaning routines: what do you do on Sundays? nothing at all? or is it the day you do all the cleaning? Please, leave your comments below!

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