1 Simple Trick To Keep your Car Clean

If you're a busy mom, your car might be the last thing you think of cleaning... you always plan for it, but when the day comes, you always find a more important task to do.  If you don't like driving, you probably hate cleaning your car when you could be playing with your little ones.  However, with this simple trick, you'll be able to keep your car clean longer.
My poor old Volkswagen is sometimes more like a barn than a place for people; and when you have kids, it's even worse... I often find toys in places I would never imagine...snacks,coins, pencils, breadcrumbs, pieces of papers, plastic...even socks?! it sounds awful, doesn't it? But yes, I must admit my car is a mess; however, there's something that has helped me a lot for a couple of months and I hope it will help you too. And it is a bag. Yes. A bag.
car bag 1
Just by having a bag in your car where you throw all the garbage away, you'll see your car is kept clean longer.  I've been using a plain plastic bag, which I've changed when full, and finally I've decided to make a fabric cover because it's something I think I'll be doing forever and I don't want a plastic stuff that makes my car look even older.
car bag 2
This is a really easy and cheap project; in fact, it took me 15 minutes, and I haven't bought any fabric; I've used a piece I already had at home. Its size depends on how you like it,  but I wouldn't recommend a big one (mine is 20 cm x 20 cm) as it'll lay on the passenger's place and might become a piece of junk instead of an organizing item.
So I hope you try it and, if you do, share your pictures!

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