Project: Monthly Chores. Tuesdays: Mirrors and windows

As many women  today I work and when I come back home I don’t feel like cleaning the house; as it’s something  that must be done, I’m always thinking of faster and efficient ways to have my home ready and comfortable in order to have time for myself and my family.

This week I have to clean deeply; but I won’t struggle to have my house ready. This summer I‘ve tried different ways of cleaning and I’ve realized that doing it in different stages helps me a lot and it’s not so tiring and boring (Which is my main problem with cleaning: I hate it!).

A little bit everyday is also really useful, and if you group like-activities you can do things faster as you focus on one single way of cleaning; that is to say, dust one day; mop the following day and so forth…

Finally, timing is also important (remember all those times you thought you were going to finish in an hour and it took all the afternoon…). I usually spend 15-20 minutes on daily chores, except when I must clean deeply, which happens once a month.

For seven days I’ll be cleaning my house thoroughly; I will spend only one hour each day so I have to manage to do it in 60 minutes, no more than that.

Today I’m going to clean windows and mirrors.

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