Wednesday: Wash Floors

Today I’m going to wash the floors. It's the day to move sofas, tables, chairs ...and I'll probably spend more that an hour... buuuuuut no more than 90 minutes or I won't have time to do other things; so the key is to organise it and do it always the same way; maybe this sounds boring but at least you won't have to think of what comes next, you simply do it ( you already know it!).
I always start with those parts that aren't visible and need to be moved (for example, behind the sofa, under the beds, etc.) because once they're dry, I can wash the rest really fast.

         I also vacuum before mopping; I don't like sweeping because all he dust and some crumbs remain on the floor, and I've noticed the house seems to be cleaner (especially without those little- or big, jejeje...- balls of dust) since I use my cheap vacuum cleaner.


If you’re trying to get your house organized and clean you could share your tips with me; they might help me…all new ideas are welcome!

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