10 minutes on non-essential organization

I saw this tip somewhere...so if you wrote it in your blog, please, say it! The moment I read it, I thought it was a great idea to keep my house organised little by little. I started last week with the linen closet (you can see the post in this blog) and I felt that I'd accomplished a lot in only ten minutes so I decided to include it in my daily cleaning routine.
Unfortunately, this week is being so stressing at school that I can hardly do anything at all...Anyway, this is my kitchen linen (I'm not proud of it, but it's what I have...and what I need):

And these are the steps I'm following:

  1. Take all linen out of the drawer (done)
  2. Fold it and classify it (done)
  3. Put it in a pretty box ( I haven't bought it yet!)
  4. Find a place in the kitchen for my pretty box. (...)

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