Yes to Organise your daily working outfits once a week!

Yes, because it saves time as you will only have to think of it once a week. You will have five more minutes to sit on the coach or read a book or watch tv or sleep.

I saw a picture on pinterest of a mum who used this method to organise her kids' clothes and I immediately thought it could be a good way to avoid thinking of it every night.

I started last Sunday and it's amazing; thinking of what wearing the following day
is one of the things I most hate, not because I don't like fashion but because it's the typical thing you do almost before going to bed when you're tired and you have to do no matter what happens if you want to save time the next morning.

I hanged them with everything (t-shirt, sweater, belt, tights, etc.), except shoes and the underwear (of course!); and it doesn't matter whether you put something on one day or the other; the thing is that it's already prepared to be worn.

Probably I could save more time if I did this after ironing, putting my working clothes back thinking of what I'd wear during the week; the rest would go where they used to be.

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